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Grady Bear Adventures

Open doors to deeper conversations

The Story of Grady Bear

It all started back in July 2010 when Grady Bear, who originated from Guernsey, joined the Helen O’Grady Drama Academy in a training seminar. Thereafter, Grady Bear was sent away with a deserving Principal to visit other schools. Adorable, lovable, and a natural leader-of-the-pack, Grady Bear became popular with classes all over the world.

The Grady Bear storybooks showcase the iconic bear in read-aloud drama stories. Created to instill life-long love for reading, learning, and literacy in readers, our themes are universally relatable to all children.

No book project is done in isolation. The Grady Bear books are created by a dedicated team that tirelessly works together for each book.

“To the you-know-whos

being my light and joy

such I may pass on truth and love

to the young and the old,

the big and the small,

everywhere and anywhere in this world.”

- Su-Ann Mae Phillips, Author

Meet The Characters

Grady Bear

Grady Bear was born back in July 2010, and has since then become a well known figure in classes all over the world. He is not only our adorable and quirky main character, but also our most relatable character.


Join Grady Bear as he grows up just as other children do, embarking on similar adventures and facing familiar challenges.

Dee Dee


Deedee the Bee, Grady Bear’s loyal sidekick, didn’t start out as Deedee the Bee. 

Her original name was… Ben the Bee.

Mrs Quinn

Who is Mrs. Quinn? Mrs Quinn – the owl in the spotted red dress – is Grady’s and Deedee’s teacher. 


A dedicated teacher who believes in tough love, she maintains order in her class but there is a playful, loving aspect of her that parents and teachers would be able to relate to.

The Reading Carpet

We are already saying *too much* at this point by highlighting this reading carpet of gold, yellow and green…

Rodiland The Cat

A clever, wise and sharp cat, Rodiland is the spokesperson for the group and for truth, and brainstormer of solutions among the friends. 


In Grady Loses a Tooth, it is Rodiland who speaks up against a bully.

Yello The Tooth Fairy

Yello’s mixed-up way of speaking  provides plenty of chuckles and tongue-twisters during read-aloud story time. (It is the writer’s way of sneaking grammar-learning into story time!)