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The Most Rewarding Franchise

Updated: Sep 22

In this article, let’s explore why buying an education franchise might possibly be the most rewarding decision you could make.

Developing the Next Generation

The responsibility of developing the next generation of leaders does not lie with only the government or schools; every individual has a part to play. No business or country can survive without a strong pipeline of young talents waiting in the wings.

With an education franchise, you have the ability to nurture and shape the next generation of talents in your community and country. You can provide valuable learning opportunities to children, which may not be possible without your business.

Asset-light business

Unlike F&B and retail franchises, an education franchise requires lower start-up capital. You won’t need to stock up on raw materials and products or purchase expensive equipment to operate your business. Your investments would go towards human capital—the hiring of effective teaching staff and school administrators.

Market forces

The mass affluent (consumers whose income and asset levels reach a point where there is a significant jump in luxury spending) is a rapidly growing segment in Southeast Asia. In 2030, 20% of the population is expected to enter into this category of consumers. As individuals get wealthier, they look beyond luxury goods.

These individuals will start searching for new opportunities to expose their children to—opportunities that they may have missed out on as children, or opportunities that provide their children with a holistic education. These new opportunities could take the form of sports and recreation programmes, enrichment classes, or after-school curricular activities.

The market factors in Asia ensure an education franchise is primed for growth.

Make a difference

You can make a difference in the lives of the next generation. Beyond the financials, consider the societal benefits you could effect with an education franchise. There is no better reward than seeing the smiles on our children’s faces.

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