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Misconceptions about Drama

We often think of acting and performance when we think of drama. But drama could be so much more than that. Drama seeks to develop individuals. What are some other common misconceptions about drama? We debunk them in this article!

Misconception #1: Drama creates stars

Not all children who join drama classes choose to pursue a career in acting or performance. But drama builds children's self-esteem and confidence. These qualities don’t just prepare children to stand before an audience on the performing stage; they empower children to find their footing and face/stand before the world.

Misconception #2: Drama is not for the shy ones

We often think that drama is reserved for "outspoken" or "outgoing" individuals. That’s not true!

Drama does not seek to produce students with the same disposition or behaviours. Not everybody wants to be the first to raise their hands and holler ideas. That’s okay. The world needs all kinds of people. Drama is more interested in teaching children to work collaboratively in a diverse social milieu with different individuals. Through drama, children also get to establish their way of expressing themselves.

Misconception #3: Drama is all about speech

Speech is an important vehicle used in drama classes, but it isn't the focus. Beyond verbal communication skills, drama develops non-verbal communication skills, creativity, confidence and self-esteem.

Misconception #4: Good drama depends on props and costumes

It's easy to get carried away with extravagant costumes and amusing props. Drama classes don't incorporate these in every lesson. Instead, children are encouraged to actively engage with their imagination. They learn to create and reinvent.

Misconception #5: Drama is just a hobby

For a very long time, drama was an extracurricular activity of little importance when compared to “academic subjects”. Subsequently, drama was offered as a subject in school.

Recently, more educators are incorporating drama into their lessons. Drama is used as a teaching tool that engages students’ observation and participation. To find out more about how drama enhances students’ learning in academic subjects, check out our next article!


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