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Incorporating Drama into your School or Business

Drama is highly beneficial to the development of children and as parents are more affluent today, they demand a curriculum that ensures their children are developed holistically.

So, if you’re thinking of making drama a part of your school curriculum or business model? There are multiple approaches to this. Here are 3 ways—

1. Hire an external vendor

This is the most straightforward option. A vendor provides the curriculum, manages the teachers, and runs the programme on your behalf. This is an appropriate option if you are looking to have an extra-curricular activity that can function separately from your regular curriculum.

2. Obtain a license to run a drama programme

Start by looking for a drama academy or vendors that may license their curricula. With a license, you can choose to train existing teachers or hire new ones to teach the curriculum. This approach works well if you have teachers who possess the knowledge and skills to teach drama. A license will grant full use of the curriculum, although modifications are typically not allowed.

3. Design your own drama curriculum

This approach ensures that drama fits seamlessly into your existing curriculum or business model. Unlike hiring a vendor or purchasing a license, customising a drama programme lets you exercise full control over the topics and activities introduced to your students. You could tailor drama classes to fit the cultural and geographical needs of your school or business. You could also use the drama curriculum to reinforce content, concepts, or skills introduced in other learning areas. These would greatly enhance and set your school or business apart.

Although this approach would be the most costly initially due to the upfront cost required to develop the curriculum, it could be could be more cost effective in the long run given that there would be no annual licensing fees required and no limit to the number of students you could use the curriculum with.

Have a vision and idea but lack the expertise? Fret not—you can always engage a drama academy and leverage their curriculum specialists to develop a programme that meets your needs.

Incorporating a drama programme doesn’t have to be rocket science! There are reputable drama academies that will be happy to partner you along this journey.


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