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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you offer demo lessons?

Yes, demo lessons are complimentary and are 30 minutes in duration. It offers children and parents a taste of what to expect in a full drama camp. You may check the booking page for the schedule of demo classes.

How long are your online camps?

Each camp consists of 8 lessons held over 2 weeks, Mondays to Thursdays. Each lesson is 1 hour long.

What if I have more than 2 children, can they all use the same device?

Drama can be a family activity! We recommend that all children have their own devices and participate from separate areas to minimise interruptions. However, we do understand that might not always be possible, so we would recommend no more than 2 children to a device.

*we may offer different sessions for children in the same household.

**for the class, if there are 2 children using the same device, they must play the same character type in the improv.

What will my child learn that is unique in an online drama camp?

Your children will enjoy a small class size in our unique summer camp programme! Within these 2 weeks, our talented trainers will take your children through online etiquette in a drama programme that takes full advantage of its online nature – redefining stagework and instilling an awareness of camerawork.

How big are your online class sizes?

We believe in small class sizes and each class is capped to a maximum of 8 children. This ensures our trainers can provide sufficient attention and feedback to each child.

What payment types do you accept?

We take Visa, Mastercard, AMEX, and Alipay.

Do you offer refunds?

No. Due to the limited class size, please ensure your child will be able to attend the lessons before signing up. No refunds will be provided for missed lessons.

How are your online classes conducted?

Each class will have a certified Helen O'Grady trainer conducting the class via Zoom. Each lesson will last 1 hour. A link the to class will be sent via email. For the best experience, please ensure the Zoom app is downloaded on your computer or mobile device. Do not use the web platform.

Why can’t you conduct an 8-hour drama programme in a day?

Zoom fatigue is a thing! As much as we would love to work with your kids for longer, an hour a day is just the right amount of time to keep things fun and exciting, and to set them up for success for their extra-curricular activities (props, recordings, etc.).


What happens during the 1-hour online session?

Each class starts with warm-up activities and a short Speech section, before we start the main lesson portion of our programme. This incorporates aspects of movement, body language, and vocal/facial expressions that they will use in a performance at the end of the camp.

What kind of performance? Join us and find out!

Are there any activities for my kids after each online session?

All activities will be started in class, but we will require your children to complete their props and submit recordings and videos of themselves outside of class.

What is the difference between online and in-person drama programmes?

We are redefining the stage experience for a virtual space! Your children will use their imagination, take on characters, explore movements and facial expressions, and work with their classmates from the comfort and safety of home.

What happens if my children can’t make it for one or more lessons?

One major component of our programme, in-person or online, is to hand responsibility back to the children. As we are building a story throughout these 8 sessions, we would ask that children commit to full attendance. However, we do understand that children fall ill. In that case, the child may sit in and watch the class without full participation.

Can I (as the parent) observe the drama programme my child goes through?

Online programmes are a tricky limbo area where your children are both in and not a familiar place. While classes are conducted in the comfort of your homes, your children will also be on a virtual stage, and we want them to feel as comfortable and uninhibited as possible.

To that end, we would advise that parents remain off-screen and silent. However, parents are also invited to join us for a quick check-in and wrap-up at the start and end of every session.

Are there any discounts if I have 2 or more children?

Yes! Please use promo code "2ormore" during the check out to receive a 15% off total camp fees. The sign up must be done in one booking for the promo code to be valid.

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