Helen O'Grady Drama System

The Helen O’Grady Drama System and Social Intelligence

Research studies in early childhood education and cognitive neuroscience show that dramatic play contributes crucially to a child’s cognitive development.

In the Helen O’Grady drama system, we provide opportunities for kids to develop in areas such as:

  • Imaginative thinking

  • Creative role-playing

  • Literacy

  • Speech clarity and confidence

  • Emotional expression

These skills form the foundation upon which children gain understanding of the self in relation to the world around him or her. With this understanding, a child gradually develops social intelligence, which is essential for effective leadership and healthy relationships.

The drama-in-education programme for future leaders

We develop skills through a highly stimulating and creative theatre arts programme full of original material, catered to the following age groups:

  • Thinking Tots (2 - 4 years)

  • Little Tykes (4 - 6 years)

  • Lower Primary (6 - 9 years) 

  • Upper Primary (9 - 12 years) 

  • Youth Theatre (13 - 18 years)

At Helen O’Grady Drama Academy, we recognize that every child is unique and talented in their own way. We do not conduct auditions as every child is given the same opportunity to shine on stage. Each child is allowed to develop at their own pace by fostering an inclusive and fun-filled environment. 

Each lesson is the result of highly-developed and drama-oriented planning. Children can go through the entire Helen O’Grady Drama System without ever repeating a lesson, stimulating them to be fully involved and motivated. 
Above all, our classes are fun! 

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